KAI coconut water

KAI Coconut Water

KAI’s mission was to deliver the finest and most unique coconut water, in the purest form possible.
The result is our young King Coconut water.
It is never heated, so its exceptional nutrition and natural flavours are preserved.
KAI is 100% raw, Organic, Fairtrade and pure, just as it should be.


KAI is unheated and unadulterated. Traditional heat treatment destroys the delicate natural flavour and nutrition of young coconut water. By contrast, ours is left intact.


Unlike others, KAI turns pink. This is a tell-tale sign that it is raw, as it signals the presence of active antioxidants and enzymes, which are otherwise destroyed by high heat treatment.

KAI coconut water

The King Coconut (‘thambili’) is the national drink of Sri Lanka, and has been consumed for over a thousand years, because of its clean, subtly sweet flavour, and for its traditional use in Ayurvedic healing.


We use single-origin, young King Coconuts from Sri Lanka’s ‘Coconut Triangle’. Each is expertly hand-picked at peak ripeness, and bottled at state of the art facilities.


We are committed to sustainable agriculture as well as an ethical supply chain. As a result KAI is certified Organic and Fairtrade


KAI leaves the King Coconut’s perfect raw nutrition intact:

  • Powerful:
  • rehydration
  • restoration
  • Rich in:
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • nutrients
  • antioxidants
  • electrolytes
  • Zero:
  • preservatives
  • additives
  • added sugar
  • fat
  • cholesterol
  • gluten
  • dairy
  • GMOs
  • BPA